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by Gemology Paris

GEMOLOGY treatments

Founded in 2007 Gemology was the first company in the world to develop a full skincare line based on precious stones, and still, today is the only company to have created the innovative method of extracting the purest source of trace elements in liquid form to use in products for many essential benefits on the skin. 

Founder Chrystelle Lannoy has always had a passion for precious stones and decided that she wanted to take her years of expertise in the beauty industry and combine it with her passion for gemstones to create the sophisticated princess for a luxury skincare brand. A new universe was born based on science and efficiency - mineral skincare! 

Mineral skincare has been around for centuries using grinds of glistening stones to provide a radiant complexion for the skin. BUT it’s only when Gemology developed a specific technique of extracting trace elements from the precious stones in liquid form, that the innovation of mineral skincare was born.

Trace elements provide essential life benefits including those for the skin. When you consume a trace element through your daily vitamin tablet, it’s absorbed through the body targeting the major vital internal organs and the skin often gets forgotten about. This is where we use the Gemology process to target the skin and its specific concerns.

They take individual trace elements from 20 different stones such as Mother of Pearl and Ruby to benefit the skin and its concerns. Mother of Pearl contains calcium to encourage cell renewal and give the skin a radiant look. Ruby offers chromium to combat excess oils in the skin and leave a mattified looking skin.


GEMOLOGY classic facials

An introduction to the Gemology world of facials, a customised treatment that provides you with all the nutrients you need for healthy-looking skin. Also includes a warm precious stone massage to the hands, arms, face and scalp.

Pick from the options below but don’t worry if you’re not sure we can guide you through your skincare needs on arrival.

Gemology classic facials are  45 minutes and include a luxury hat stone massage.

Dry skin facial

The alliance of Jade and Malachite, this treatment soothes and softens the skin of the face, revitalises and rejuvenates. Thanks to the regenerating properties of Silicon which stimulates collagen production to improve skin elasticity and increase the skin’s ability to hold vital moisture in the cells where it is needed most. Copper’s natural antioxidant properties revitalise and boosts skin radiance while Magnesium from Peridot slows down the aging process.

Sensitive skin facial

The healing powers of Smithsonite, Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli this treatment calms, soothes and softens the skin. The repairing properties of Zinc from Smithsonite acting like a “mineral bandage” to protect against external aggressions and metabolic stress, while reinforcing the skin's self-protection mechanisms. The healing effects are immediately visible after the treatment and in the days that follow; redness is reduced and the skin is smoother, softer and protected.

Combination skin facial

The regulating action of Ruby and Red Jasper unveil the glow of a healthy and fortified skin. This treatment cleanses, purifies and balances the skin. Chromium from Ruby is unique in its ability to regulate and reduce sebum production while the richness of Silicon extracted from Red Jasper and Amethyst re-mineralises and improves skin texture by stimulating essential collagen synthesis. The skin becomes evenly balanced and matified while maintaining vital hydration.

Anti- ageing skin facial

Diamond and Tourmaline partner to revive the skin’s radiance and complexion. Ideal for both mature and prematurely-aged skin types, this anti-ageing and anti-fatigue treatment stimulates skin-firming collagen to reduce the signs of ageing and expression lines. The skin immediately looks more relaxed, smooth and firm and the skin tone is more luminous and radiant.

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