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by Studio Figura

Lymphatic drainage with RollShaper

This is a therapist-free and user friendly experience. During the procedure, the whole lymphatic system is stimulated and lymph is directed to the lymphatic nodes. 

Blood circulates through a complex system of blood vessels and, respectively, lymph circulates throughout the lymphatic system. The only thing that differs is that blood is pumped by a natural ‘motor’ – the heart. The lymphatic system does not have such a ‘motor’ and is stimulated only by muscle activity. Because of that, lymph circulation is rather slow and we have to take care of its activeness.

The more we move, exercise, and workout the less lymphatic system problems occur. However, very few activities encourage lymph circulation as intensely as this lymphatic drainage massage. Each body part is stimulated according to the direction of lymph flow. Manual lymph drainage massage requires a good knowledge of human anatomy and lymph circulation. RollShaper procedure requires only following the instruction, with the direction of the drum’s rotation being adjusted to each body part.


How does the RollShaper work?

The Roll Shaper is therapist-free and user friendly procedure, which provides a more intense experience than manual treatments, aiming to achieve results faster. Infrared lamps inside the machine help to heat up the body and quickly soften tissues.

Is it suitable for everyone?

It's unsuitable for pregnant women. Those who suffer from varicose veins, serious heart conditions, circulation problems, or cancer are advised to consult a GP before purchasing.

What is lymphatic drainage?

This procedure utilizes a Roll Shaper machine to stimulate the lymphatic system, designed to eliminate built-up toxins and reduce feelings of bloatedness.

Why lymph circulation is so important?

This system cleanses your body and provides it with internal hydration. Its major functions are to cleanse and detoxify your body, hydrate your tissues, support your immune system, whilst increasing your metabolism. The first sign of sluggish lymph circulation usually is an internal ailment. A person may suffer from fatigue, low energy, sleeping disorder, digestion problems, and a weak immune system. When lymph circulation is disturbed, the tissues are not hydrated properly. This causes skin conditions, faster wrinkle formation, eye ‘bags’, and the worst enemy of all to women cellulite.


Treatment benefits

  • Individual program for everyone

  • 60 minutes session stimulates full body from feet to shoulders

  • Problem area correction depending on your body type

  • Lymphatic drainage – full body detox

  • Boosts metabolism

  • Measurement reduction

  • Cellulite reduction

  • Reduce water retention

  • Improved digestion

  • Improved circulation

  • Improved skin texture

  • Muscle tone improvement

  • Reduce body fat

  • Sleep better

  • Energy level boost

Clinical research was carried out in 2008 with the purpose of assessing the impact of RollShaper on the body. The study involved 97 people who had 20 massages with RollShapers and the average results were:

-Upper arm circumference decreased by 0.8 inch

-Waist circumference decreased by 1.8 inches

-Hip circumference decreased by 1.2 inches

-Thigh circumference decreased by 1.2 inches 

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